Yoga is like a magical elixir in some ways. Yes that sounds totally corny but it's how it makes me feel after a class. There is so much healing in the practice. Giving yourself part of your day that you can totally devote to nothing but you, without the distractions of today's world, is a form of healing. We get away from ourselves sometimes and because of that we can be in a limbo state, just living but not having a life, building up tension in the body that cause injury and dis-ease. Yoga has instilled in me a deep sense of balance in my life in a lot of areas. Yoga is a necessary part of my life that gets me through bad times and is the icing on the cake of a good day.  Yoga challenges my body and my mind and it has made me stronger inside and out.  I wanted to share this with people, spread the love that I have for this practice and to shine that light on those who need it.  In my opinion it's everyone who needs it (haha). Yoga can break through the walls we build up in ourselves that blocks us from who we really are.

I like to offer a class that is accessible to all types of people. Yoga is for EVERYONE! I want you to be able to reap the benefits that moving your body consciously can give you. I want you to connect with your breath and open your heart to a better way to live in your body.  I believe you will release the tension built up, find some peace within, and learn to appreciate all your body can do.

I hope to see you on the mat!


Yoga and Body Image Coalition Community Partner


2016-200hr Recertification w/ Therapeutic Yoga- Soma Yoga Institute/Yoga Centered Hawaii

2013-200hr Certified Yoga Instructor- Yoga Garden San Francisco

2008-Certified Pre/postnatal Yoga Instructor, Certified Kids Yoga Instructor- It’s Yoga SF